Hello, World!

July 02, 2021

Something, something journey of a thousand steps starts with one.

This honestly has the wonderful and painful feeling of starting a brand new notebook. What should I put down as the first stroke of the pen?

Should I start with something profound? What would that even look like? Or maybe just the words “Hello” in block letters and call it a day?

I guess I can start by setting my intentions for this blog. I overcame a decent amount of self-doubt to even start this. (Most of the self-doubt in the tune of, “What do you even have to offer the world? Why would you bother doing this?“)

Screw it. 🪛

🎉 We’re doing it.

What I’ll be talking about here:

  • Productivity and organization because that’s my bread and butter
  • React, TypeScript, JavaScript, unit testing, GraphQL and Apollo
  • …whatever else comes to mind. TBD.

Thanks for coming by and hanging out!

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Written by Chung Nguyen, based out of Lisbon, Portugal. Find her on Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, and Polywork.